Restaurant Menu


CHILI N’ CORNCAKES  15.95  Stick to the ribs kinda chili (almond, carrot, bell pepper, tomato base) topped w/our thai coconut Sour Crème’ & diced tomatoes, green onion and cilantro. served w/our Corncakes & Side Side Salad.

VEGGIE POT PIE  14.95  (limited) Herby crust filled w/softened veggies and savory crème fill (almond/thai coconut/cashew) & a hearty Winter Salad.

SHEPARDS PIE  15.95 Marinated, Softened Portobello mushroom topped w/almond-apple stuffin’, mock ‘mash’ (jicama-cashews) & shitake gravy. Served with side spinach salad.

ENCHILADA  15.95  house-made corn/squash tortilla filled with our ‘notcho’ cheeze, marinated mushrooms, avocado and topped with salsa verde, drizzled w/our ‘sour crème’. Served w/Tortilla Soup. Ole!

TOSTADA   13.95 Crisp house-made corn shell topped with our ‘notcho’ cheeze, crisp lettuce, pecan-walnut taco filling, salsa verde, drizzled w/our ‘sour crème’ &chili sauce and fresh tomato & avocado.

LIVING NACHOS!  15.95 Crisp house made corn chips, Mexican ‘rice’ made W/jicama, nut walnut ‘bean’ pate & notcho cheeze drizzled w/‘sour crème’, salsa verde & chili sauce.

No-SALMON SUSHI ROLLS & CHICKPEA MISO 14.95 Walnut based 'Salmon' pate, fresh veggies rolled into raw nori. Served with a coconut amino-wasabi-ginger sauce and our Chickpea Miso soup with Kelp Noodles. 

WELLNESS BURGER 13.50  Walnut-Pecan patty topped w/tomato, avocado & sprouts, house pickles, cashew mayo, bbq sauce & mustard. All to pick up in a crisp lettuce bun! -add chili n’ cheeze 2.50   -add Zucchini ‘Bacon’ & Cheeze 2.50   -add kraut & cheeze   2.50

‘BACON’, CHEDDAR & VEGGIE SANDWICH  15.95  Zucchini ‘bacon’, cashew cheddah cheeze and seasonal veggies enhanced w/our mayo, hot mustard served on our gluten- free nut, seed & veggie bread.  Served w/side salad.

APPLE CURRY SANDWICH 14.95  Apple curry sunflower seed pate, paper thin slices of cucumber and fresh apple, red onions and sprouts enhanced w/our mayo & hot mustard served on our gluten- free nut, seed & veggie bread.  Served w/side salad.

No-SEA TUNA SANDWICH 14.95  No-Sea Tuna Pate (sunflower base), housemade pickles, tomato, red onion and sprouts enhanced w/our mayo & hot mustard served on our gluten- free nut, seed & veggie bread.  Served w/side salad.

RAVIOLI 15.95  Layers of Jicama filled with our cashew feta, fresh marinara. Topped w/ Pesto & cashew parmesan. With your choice: our Caesar or our hearty Winter Salad.

Breakfast (anytime)

Deviating ever so slightly from Raw: SWEET POTATO AS TOAST!

PESTO & CHEEZE  9.95  sweet potato slices toasted topped w/our cashew feta, fresh pesto & tomato, served w/side salad.

AVO, TOMATO & SPROUT  9.95  sweet potato slices toasted w/sliced avocado, tomato, sprouts & served w/side salad.

ALMOND BUTTER & JAM 9.95 sweet potato slices toasted topped w/our pecan-butter & Persimmon Jam! served w/coconut yogurt & fruit.

AVO OR PORTOBELLO BENEDICT 13.50 Your Choice of avocado or portobello on our ‘toast’ w/sautéed spinach, tomato & carmelized onion & hollandaise sauce. Served w/side salad.

HUEVOS RANCHEROS 14.95 Our ‘Toast’ topped with cashew ‘Eggs’, walnut-pecan taco filling, sour crème, salsa verde, chili sauce.  Served with a side salad.  -add ‘Bacon’ on the side 2.50

ACAI SUPERFOOD BOWL 16.95 Green superfood granola, coconut yoghurt, fresh fruit & acai berry pulp.

CREPE   13.50 Coconut crepe Shell filled w/AppleSauce & coconut yoghurt.

PANCAKES 13.50 Almond-Flax ‘Pancakes’ topped w/Coconut ‘Buttah’, Cranberry-Orange Jam & Coconut Yoghurt.

CINNAMON ROLLS 7.95 Almond-date pastry swirled cinnamon-raisin-walnut and bathed in dark maple syrup. We add a dollop of Sweet Vanilla Crème to the top!


HEARTY WINTER SALAD 10.95 Seasonal greens, bloomed forbidden rice, Sweet Potatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkin seeds, almonds & cilantro lime dressing.

MARKET SALAD 10.95 Mixed Greens w/farm fresh seasonal veggies, cashew feta, & light vinaigrette.

CAESAR SALAD 10.50 Fresh romaine tossed in our vegan ‘Caesar’ dressing & topped with our cashew ‘parmesan’.

Warming Soups

No-CLAM CHOWDER 15.95 creamy cashew, almond & coconut base w/softened veggies & shitake ‘clams’ served w/‘garlic toast’ & side Caesar. So rich and better than the original!

PUMPKIN SOUP 9.00 creamy pumpkin soup (thai coconut & Pumpkin with cinnamon notes) topped w/our sour crème & walnut-pumpkin seed crumble.

TORTILLA SOUP 9.00 Warmed chili-tomato soup w/corn, peas, avocado, purple cabbage, green onion & cilantro with our housemade tortilla chips sprinkled on top.

PEA SOUP 9.00 Creamy, smooth & simple pea soup with a pure finish.


Nourishing Smoothies

PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE 11.95 Creamy Coconut with hints of cinnamon, ginger, clove, honey, maca & mucuna to balance the body and get the brain firing!

MATCHA LATTE 11.95 Super powers, activate! Matcha, Maca, Mucuna w/a creamy Cashew base, add a touch of monkfruit & honey.

CHOCOLATE CHARGE 10.95 Cacao, Banana, hemp, maca, mucuna, vanilla, dates

CAROB NUT MONKEY 10.95 Carob, Banana, brazilnut, maca, mucuna, vanilla, dates

CHAI LATTE 10.95 Cashew, banana, maca, nutmeg, durian, honey, ginger, cinnamon, dates

HORCHATA 10.95 nut creme, banana, coconut water, vanilla, cinnamon, dates & chia

GREEN PEACE 9.95 Pineapple, mango, spinach & mint -add spirulina or Chlorella .50

Hydrating Drinks

KOMBUCHA ON TAP 6.00 Naturally carbonated probiotic produced by fermenting tea and sugar with live cultured bacteria.  Ask about Todays Flavors!

ICE TEA 3.50 Ask for todays’ selections!

HONEY GINGER LOVE MUG 6.25 Warm, vibrant and super cleansing ginger, honey & lemon brew.

LEMON BOMB 6.25 Immunity need a boost? This is your ticket! Blended whole lemons w/Cell invigoring and healing msm, honey & ice.

SPARKLING GINGER BREW 5.95 Ginger Juice & raw local honey w/a touch of San Pellegrino to whabam it!


Energizing Drinks

HOT COFFEE 3.75 Bold organic Pachamama brewed by the cup w/distilled water, reishi mushroom and Fo-Ti root. Add steamed hand-squeezed Almond Creme 1.00

COLD-BREWED ICED COFFEE 4.00 Cold brewed Pachamama coffee served over ice. Add Almond Crème 1.00

BLENDED COLD BREW w/crème & Coconut Sugar 5.95

MATCHA LATTE 6.95 Green Matcha, Local Organic Honey, Fresh Pressed & Steamed Almond Crème’

HOT TEAS 3.50 ask about Todays Selections!

HOT COCOA 6.95  Warmed raw cacao creaminess! nut creme, cacao, dates, vanilla, pinch of cayenne warmed to perfection in the blender.

Guiltless Desserts

CINNAMON ROLLS 7.95 Almond-date pastry swirled cinnamon-raisin-walnut & bathed in dark maple syrup. We add a dollop of Sweet Vanilla Crème to the top or -try a la mode 1.00

MONKEY SUNDAE 7.95 Frozen Bananas made into soft serve, topped with our raw chocolate sauce, candied pecans, cacao nibs and coconut.

PUMPKIN PIE 9.50 Creamy Pumpkin Spiced Pie (thai coconut & cashew based) over a rich pecan date crust. Decadent!

APPLESAUCE CAKE 9.00 Bright spiced Applesauce flavors in a pecan date crust.

CHOCOLATE SILK PIE 9.00 Cashew & Thai Coconut base, add in creamy raw cacao, fresh Vanilla Bean and raw Turbinado Sugar over a Pecan-Date Crust.

CRANBERRY-ORANGE COBBLER 8.95 Cranberry-orange compote over pecan-date crust and topped with our ‘sweet vanilla crème’ (thai coconut & cashew base).

Check our GRAB N GO FRIDGE for Cookies & handmade Chocolate Confections


 Join us for…

Dine & Demo Monday Nights 6:30-8:30PM enjoy your favorite Raw Vegan dishes and then learn how to make them!

11/7: Warming Soups! Blended Winter Soups Add in some quick, easy, satisfying winter soups to your weekly menu! Chef Brooke will teach Butternut, Zucchini, Corn Chowder & Pea Soups. 

11/14: Thanksgiving Feast Part 1, the Savory Side Are you ready for this new healthy & delicious Holiday Season? We Are! Chef will be covering softened portobello and squash, apple-almond stuffin', 'mash' & rich shiitake gravy and the salad that balances it all So perfectly. Join us to indulge in this harvest rich goodness, learn how to make it and enjoy great company! 

11/21: Thanksgiving Feast Part 2, the Sweet Side Of course: Cranberry Relish, Pineapple Dressing for your Spinach Salad, Candied Pecans & Pumpkin Pie w/ Sweet Vanilla Crème. Its ALL about balance, right?

The Details: Doors open at 6:30pm

6:30pm: Find your seat; Dinner will be served once everyone is settled in!

7:30pm: Chef Brooke begins Demo

8:30pm: Q & A with Chef. The register is now open to purchase Pre-packed Grab n Go Entrees, Desserts & Juices or Pick Up Food Plan (if attending Raw Immersion Course)

*Class included for Raw Immersion Course participants, no preregistration required.  Want to bring a friend or loved one? Make sure they sign up early to save their seats!

$45/person incl. dinner, drink, dessert, demo & recipes. Space is limited.  Pre-Registration Required.  Cancellations must be made 24hrs in advance. Sign up with our staff today or @



Getting INTO Action





Inspiration, Experience, Support & Practical Knowledge.  Are you ready to be at your best health & vibrancy, Ever?


JOIN US for 4 weeks of Raw Immersion!

Chef Brooke guides you though 4 weeks to maximize your cleanse and provides you all you'll need to create a lasting vibrant lifestyle. you enjoy our specialized, delicious, satisfying & healing food plan for the entire program.

*ONLY 25 Spots Available. This course is a pre-requisite for the Raw Lifestyle Academy & Chef Training. 

includes: Group Coaching Intensives, fun & empowering Demo Classes & Take-Home Food Plan to help you acclimate, stress-free. It takes most individuals 3-4 weeks to grab hold of the true impact of a raw vegan lifestyle.  Chef Brooke is here to support and equip you every step of the way!         

*Cleanse Yourself

*Heal your body

*Gain: Vibrancy, Vitality, Better Mood, Health, Energy & Better Cognitive Function

*Learn How to Live this lifestyle in the Real World

*Gain Recipe Knowledge

*Get Specialized Coaching


♦1 on 1 Support with Chef Brooke

♦4 Weekly Dine & Demo Classes Monday evenings, 6:30-8:30p.

Learn Recipes, Valuable Tricks & Rules for Successful Food Prep as you


♦Weekly Coaching Intensives Thursday evenings, 6:30-8:30p.

            Equipping your Kitchen

            Successful Green Juices & Smoothies

            Stocking your Pantry

            Saving Time & Money, Health & Staying Local

            Stocking your Fridge, Sprouting & Celebration Potluck

♦4 Week Food Plan

            Weeks 1 & 2: All food & beverages provided

            Week 3: All food, juice & probiotic provided (make your daily smoothie)

Week 4: Daily meal & snack is provided, you make your beverages (by now you

have learned how to make your daily smoothie, juice and probiotic beverage

deliciously & efficiently!)