Chef Brooke Preston

While training for a figure competition (similar to body-building), Brooke Preston was put on a high-protein diet – including as much as three pounds of buffalo meat per day. As she developed thyroid problems, she noticed that younger competitors, that had completed one or more competitions were all on thyroid medications. Curious about the link between diet and hormonal imbalance, Brooke researched nutritional alternatives to thyroid medicine — ultimately discovering the power of living foods in healing chronic illness. Rather than filling her doctor’s prescription for thyroid meds, she immediately switched to a raw foods, plant-based diet and, shortly thereafter, completely healed from thyroid imbalance. 

For many years, Brooke had worked as a health-conscious personal chef and caterer on a mission to bring families together for home-cooked, nourishing meals. With her newfound interest in a living foods diet and lifestyle, and a desire to bring whole, living foods to a new level and ultimately the public with a supportive, educational bend, Brooke decided to enroll in the Living Light Culinary Institute – the world’s premier organic, raw, vegan chef training school to better understand the tools and techniques of creating beautiful cuisine in a Raw, Vegan, nutrient dense form. 3 weeks after returning from Living Light, she opened up a ‘Pick Up Window’ called The Green Boheme in Midtown Sacramento. Later, she decided to close her Midtown location and join with another Raw Vegan Chef that had just opened a Raw Vegan Cafe on Del Paso Blvd, called The Art of Food. After 6 months, the owner of The Art of Food Cafe moved on to other endeavors, and Chef Brooke re-opened in the same location with her distinctive menu under her Pick Up Window name, The Green Boheme.

Throughout her journey, Brooke’s most formative teachers have been her intuition and ingenuity. Simply put, Brooke loves to play with her food! Combining her creative flair, refined palate, and innate understanding of what tastes and textures work well together, Brooke delights in creating one-of-a-kind dishes – reminiscent of familiar foods, yet innovative and exciting.

Not only is Brooke passionate about feeding people nutrient-dense food, but she also is devoted to the creation of a loving and supportive community environment – where people can feel safe, accepted, and encouraged, especially as they make healthy changes in their lives. Her nurturing vibe resonates among the staff and emanates throughout the restaurant, turning it into something of a Cheers bar for the health conscious set.

Brooke especially enjoys working with patrons on a quest to change their dietary and lifestyle habits. She is well-known for her informative talks on the science of raw, coaching intensives & classes, and the incredible support provided through The Green Boheme workshops and speaking engagements. Join us for a Monday night Dine & Demo or enroll in the 30 Day Raw Challenge and Raw Lifestyle Academy & Chef Training!

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