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 Learn More: Why are we so passionate to share 'Living' or 'Raw' Foods? 

We all agree that it’s healthy to eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. The living, or raw vegan diet simply suggests that these foods should be most of what we eat. When you prepare fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients without heat cooking methods that diminish those crucial phytonutrients & your body's ability to absorb those nutrients, you preserve the maximum nutrition in the food and therefore your own health and vitality! 'Raw' food preparation means unheated beyond 118 degrees, but it doesn't mean we don't use other methods of preparing foods that mimic classic 'cooking' preparations. At The Green Boheme, you can enjoy comfort foods and luxurious desserts, while giving your body exactly what it needs to THRIVE. We hope you will taste, and see...that eating delicious food can support you to have your best life!  No sacrifices to your palate.

Our foods are all made from fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and seasonings. Naturally, we are Organic, Soy-free, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Refined Sugar-free.   

There are many nutritional benefits associated with eating more of these foods. A raw vegan diet is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its ability to give the body the tools it needs for proper digestion and a strong immune system.

Some of the other benefits include: increased vitality and energy, adequate hydration, anti-aging, effortless weight control, & much lightened "carbon footprint".

It is our belief that we were originally designed to live in the Garden of Eden. If that rings true, doesn’t it make sense to eat as closely as possible to what was in the original Garden, harvesting what is ripe & delicious? Did you know that we actually have a physiological response to ripe produce? Yep, our salivary glands begin to activate, and upon harvesting plants...those plants in turn produce more, and better! Just a little something to think on.

This just made the most logical sense to us, and we are “living” proof that it has had a powerful effect on us physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually!

That being said, we welcome you to experience this food or just swing in to inquire about this more.  We don't pass any kind of judgment on anyone else's eating choices, we are just here to serve and educate on the science and logic that we operate from. 

TO YOUR HEALTH! - Team Green Boheme

Our patrons range from foodies in search of cutting-edge cuisine, to competitive athletes striving for peak performance, to health-conscious individuals seeking alternatives to drugs and surgery.

The Green Boheme is Sacramento’s organic, vegan, raw foods health center – voted “Best Raw Resource” by Sacramento magazine. Our passion for health and commitment to gourmet cuisine enables us to meet rigorous dietary restrictions while satisfying the discriminating palate, and our innovative approach to a plant-based diet has been featured in top media outlets – including ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

The Green Boheme is the only Sacramento venue preparing food that is organic, vegan, raw, gluten-free, and soy-free. The culinary parameters, combined with the artistic sensibility and creative talents of our chefs, inspire us to make some of the most innovative cuisine available today. The Green Boheme is a green establishment with sustainable business practices, and all our farm-to-fork food supports local agriculture throughout the greater Sacramento area.