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"It has been amazing, there is truth to the old adage that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  Chef Brooke has been an amazing teacher.  It is hard to describe the energy, extra bounce in my step and the wonderful side effect of loosing 34 pounds in the first 31 days.  My knees are very grateful as am I.  I plan on sticking with it till the first of the year, I don't want to loose this feeling!
Thank you Brooke!
Sending a big hug your way for all you do!"
-Mitch T, Sacramento

"Thank You to the whole Green Boheme Team so much. Thank you for sharing and teaching the Raw Vegan way.  Since I made the transition, the symptoms of the disease I have been fighting have been cut by 80%. I can now manage my life and work again. I don't know where I'd be if I wouldn't have found your kitchen! You Rock, Brooke!" - Morgan S., Sacramento

"As of this morning, I will be starting day #10 of my 30 days on Food Plan. Aside from massive cravings yesterday for an ice cream stuffed hot donut from The Parlor, everything has been pretty easy. I have not had any pain or acid reflux at all. I have only had two cups of coffee during this time, and not because I needed it, but because I just missed that part of my morning routine. Since summer of 2013 I have suffered from inflammatory symptoms. My joints ache, I swear my blood feels life battery acid. By the end of the day there is slight swelling in my feet, lower legs, I feel like a puffer fish. Intermittent nerve pain, and the fatigue is unreal.

Anyhow, my GI diagnosis is gastroparesis with chronic idiopathic constipation due to colonic inertia, meaning the things I eat don't get broken down and then don't move along normally. I have such an impacted ascending colon, it causes me to have extremely painful muscle spasms in my QL. The money and time spent on colonic hydrotherapy, chiropractic with acupressure, OTC/Rx's and time off work, frustrating. Now I am feeling like I have some kind of life again. Thanks!" - Cherise R., Roseville

"It’s amazing to me how one seemingly innocent choice, to make one change, can shift your whole life…and the affects can trickle into every other aspect of your life.

It sounds intense, typing these thoughts out, but for me, that seemingly innocent choice was to take a 30 day raw vegan challenge at The Green Boheme.

The raw vegan challenge changed my relationship with food. After years of battling cravings and scale bloat, I feel like I finally get it. I finally found a way to eat that feels simple, obvious and right for me.

Keep in mind, I didn’t take the 30 day raw vegan challenge to lose weight or for any specific purpose other than the experiment of it all. I genuinely approached it with a healthy dose of skepticism and curiosity. I wanted to know how my body would react. However, I never expected it to have such a major impact on my body, health and life. I wanted to see what the fuss was about. Turns out the fuss, is warranted.

In February of this year, I was ready for a shift, I wasn’t sure what that would look like or what approach to take.

That’s where Brooke comes in; right place, right time. I needed a little push.

I’ve known Brooke Preston, owner of Green Boheme & 30 Day Raw Vegan Challenge creator for years. She’s always talked to me about taking the challenge & I resisted, citing scheduling/life style conflicts.

Knowing what I know now, and how fantastic I feel, I’m sad I didn’t take the challenge sooner, like a decade ago…but I think I’m finally at a place in life where making a commitment to changing how I eat is both realistic and sustainable, where as had I tried any earlier, I likely wouldn’t have been able to fully embrace it.

The challenge is so much easier and more accessible than I ever imagined. It’s really all a matter of setting the intention and moving forward with a goal in mind. My only goal was to finish the challenge, minus caffeine, minus alcohol. No cooked food. No meat. No soy. It was scary at first. All I saw were the “NOs… what I couldn’t eat. Once I let go of my fear, I recognized the challenge as both simple and straight forward.

Brooke schedules juice, smoothie & meal pick ups every Sunday & Thursday from her restaurant on Del Paso Blvd along with classes. My only task: pick up the food/drink and stick to the plan. I felt so satisfied & nourished during the challenge, it wasn’t hard. Some of the food was an adjustment and while I didn’t finish all of it, I found myself loving the vast majority of my meals. I saw it as a culinary adventure into new lands. The meals and snacks constantly surprised my pallet and had me curious for what she would send home with me next.

The  classes attended with other people exploring the world of raw vegan provide support and information. During the classes, Brooke breaks down everything from the best juicer on the market and why to the benefits of dehydrating and sprouting to why it’s both healthfully and financially wise to buy local produce from farmers and local farmers markets. It’s overwhelming at times, absolutely. However, experiencing it with other newbies made it better.

I noticed right away how great I felt. All the claims I’d heard about a boost in energy and better sleep seemed to be true for me. Then, much to my surprise, I started losing weight. Other people seemed to notice first, but by the time my 30 days were up, I’d lost 15 pounds without trying.

Another added benefit to eating raw vegan, it supports an active fitness routine. Drinking my smoothies during the day at work allows me to focus my energy on my job, the show, FOX40 News in the morning, and not trying to squeeze in snacks during commercial breaks once I realize I’m starving. I don’t get starving on this way of eating because I’m constantly taking in a steady stream of nutrition. At noon when it’s time for yoga or to go work out, I now have the energy to go straight from work, whereas before, it felt as though I were in a constant battle with myself. Do I go work out… Or go home and make food. I’ll tell you, when I’m exhausted and ravenous, going home to eat in front of the TV sounds a lot better than going to get my fitness on. Happy to say since I started the challenge back at the end of February, I haven’t had a single day where I skipped working out in favor or eating and lounging.

As we approach May, I find myself threading the needle to achieve balance. I’m not ready to be 100% raw vegan, but I am 100% more aware of what and how I eat. I’m juicing regularly and hunting out restaurants locally and wherever I visit that serve raw vegan options.

I’ve learned that in a pinch, chefs will make me raw vegan bowls of awesomeness if it’s not a traditional menu item. (Hey, if I can get a raw vegan salad at the summit of Diamond Peak Mountain Resort in Tahoe off a menu that specializes in hamburgers and hotdogs, than I can get raw vegan anywhere if I’m willing to ask.)

I’m excited to take my newfound knowledge and appetite for raw vegan and continue exploring in my own kitchen. I’m planting my own garden this spring, all inspired by my 30 day challenge. I’m also loving the opportunity to share my experience with loved ones, and anyone who gets curious and asks me about it. My new challenge is figuring out how to succinctly summarize all this so I don’t talk everyone’s ear off. :)" -Bethany Crouch, News Anchor Sacramento 

“During the Raw Foods Challenge, my blood pressure went from 160/70 to 109/60, my blood sugar dropped from 158-160 range to 109-120, and I lost a little over 50 pounds. I have cleared out all my size 20 clothes, and I’m excited to wear my size 14 again. I feel amazing! I wake up refreshed each day, ready to take on the day with a true sense of being ALIVE. Even my mind as been transformed: I’m more positive and alert, finding pleasure in the small treasures of life again.” -Jeanie

“I am a Type 2 diabetic. Before the Raw Foods Challenge, my blood sugars were close to 500. In less than three weeks, my levels were down by half. At the end of the challenge, my blood sugar was at 129! Also, I have lost a noticeable amount of weight, even though I did not do the Challenge to lose weight. I have a new life, a healthier body, and a new attitude. I am very thankful to the staff at The Green Boheme, because they provided the food and moral support throughout this process.” -Veronica Young